Writing Books, Catholic Investing, Bitcoin vs. Ethereum | Devin Rose

I have a deep and varied conversation with Devin Rose, a Catholic author, blogger, and software engineer. We dive into topics like writing books, moral guidance for Catholic investors, and the debate between Bitcoin and Ethereum. Devin shares his personal journey from militant atheism to Catholicism, his experiences with homesteading, and his insights on investing in a way that aligns with Catholic values. Devin also talks about his various book projects, including his effort in fiction writing, and his "there and back again" story with Bitcoin.

02:34 Devin Rose's Writing Journey

10:42 Navigating Moral Investing

22:14 Thoughts on Bonds and Usury

26:44 Journey to Bitcoin

32:40 Bitcoin Maximalism and "Catholic Blockchain"

36:25 Bitcoin Skepticism and Future Outlook

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I realized it realized at some point, "Oh, I'm buying the index." And there's a bunch of companies here, some of whom are profiting off of immoral, evil, products and services. - Devin Rose
Devin Rose


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