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Andrew Flattery, Certified Financial Planner

I'm Andrew Flattery. Certified Financial Planner™ and Owner of Simple Wealth Planning.

Andrew Flattery, Kansas City CFP® and Bitcoin Advisor

After over a decade in financial advice, I've collected an abundance of insider strategies, tactics, and tools to help my clients break with convention and take action.

I offer Investment Management & Financial Planning Services for individuals and families who are playing the long game.

 - General  Highly specific to you
 - Product sales  Sound advice
 - Financial jargon  Plain english
 - Predictions  Lasting education
 - Hidden fees  Clear & concise fees
 - Complexity  Simplicity

No matter your starting point, we work together to secure you a financial future that fulfills your potential.

More About Me

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Join me as I discuss stocks, Bitcoin, entrepreneurship, and the life well lived.

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My Bitcoin Thesis

Bitcoin is a tool for financial independence. In this 20-minute video, I explain why I discuss Bitcoin with all my clients.

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