About Andrew Flattery, CFP®

I am a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ and Owner of Simple Wealth Planning in North Kansas City, MO.

Simple Wealth was born out of the question, how should younger men invest and build a financial foundation? My interest in entrepreneurship, individual stock picking, and even bitcoin were outside of the scope of the conventional advice at previous firms, that was mostly directed towards retirees. Yet, throughout my career I had witnessed the good fruits of those who had taken calculated risks in their own businesses and/or with their investments.

Big idea. It struck me that anyone under the age of, say about 60, should be doing more to build a career or business that is uniquely suited to their skills, taking a few idiosyncratic risks, and concentrating before diversifying. Perhaps they should not necessarily follow the conventional advice of investing in index funds with a laser-focus on retirement at 65. As one who tries to have skin in the game, this is my own plan and how I like to help others develop their financial foundation.

Previously, I was a Financial Advisor at two of the largest Financial institutions in North America, including BMO Wealth Management and RBC Wealth Management. I am a proud member of the Bitcoin Financial Advisors Network and Catholic Financial Planners Network.

In my spare time, I enjoy reading history, trail running, guitar, and chasing my children Leo, Henry, Vera, and Maria around the yard.

My wife Genevra and I are parishioners at St. Andrew the Apostle Catholic Parish in Gladstone, MO. I am the creator and host of The Reformed Financial Advisor podcast and occasionally contribute to The Moonlight Graham Show.

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My Bitcoin Thesis

Bitcoin is a tool for financial independence. In this 20-minute video, I explain why I discuss Bitcoin with all my clients.

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