What Bitcoin Means for Savers | Stephen Cole

Andy Flattery and Stephen Cole discuss:

  • Stephen’s favorite KC BBQ
  • Why younger Austrians gravitate to bitcoin
  • Digital scarcity in investing
  • The definancialization of everything
  • Stephen’s critique of altcoins
  • Code To Inspire

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“Under sound money…the default would not be all of these complex financial products and financial gymnastics that everyone in society is expected to do just as a baseline.. I think it would be much more that you can focus on whatever your craft is and adding value to society.” – Stephen Cole

Stephen Cole


Andrew Flattery, CFP®

Andy Flattery is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ and Owner of Simple Wealth Planning. He serves young and affluent families that are working to lower their time preference and achieve financial sovereignty. Flattery is the host of The Reformed Financial Advisor Podcast, where he relates stories in Kansas City history to pivotal themes in personal finance. When he’s not helping individuals build wealth, you can catch him playing rec sports, reading Austrian economists, and spending time with his wife and three children.