Nuns Building Citadels & Civilization (w/ the Help of Bitcoin)

I had the wonderful privilege to make a pilgrimage to the monastery of the Benedictines of Mary, Queen of the Apostles. Here are my thoughts on the visit and my conversation with Mother Abbess Cecelia. We talked about restoring civilization, growing your own food, the life of a traditional nun, the latin mass, and bitcoin charity.

If you would like to help the sisters build a new monastery in southern Missouri, please do so on their website.

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“The monastic life is probably the greatest example of low time preference! It’s all about passing on the traditions to future generations … This also has a huge impact on the culture, because it’s not all about satisfying one’s immediate desires, but building a better future. Today’s world doesn’t offer much hope because nothing is valued, partially because the money is broken — just like it was in Ancient Rome. The Benedictines helped rebuild civilization 1,500 years ago and I believe that the life of the Abbey is like a citadel, a popular term with bitcoiners, that will help to rebuild civilization in the 21st century.” – Fr. Matthew Bartulica, Rector


Andrew Flattery, CFP®

Andy Flattery is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ and Owner of Simple Wealth Planning. He serves young and affluent families that are working to lower their time preference and achieve financial sovereignty. Flattery is the host of The Reformed Financial Advisor Podcast, where he relates stories in Kansas City history to pivotal themes in personal finance. When he’s not helping individuals build wealth, you can catch him playing rec sports, reading Austrian economists, and spending time with his wife and three children.