Lean Entrepreneurship, Twitter, Harrison Butker | Bryant Suellentrop

In this Reformed Financial Advisor pod I talk with my friend Bryant Suellentrop, who shares his journey from starting various businesses from scratch to success. Bryant reveals how he transitioned from a web design business to a profitable cleaning company and ultimately founded a recruiting agency, Elevate and Delegate. He discusses the advantages of virtual work, using twitter for business growth, and the importance of ownership in the HARRISON BUTKER story. Bryant is a good dude, I like his entrepreneurial spirit and example of taking calculated baby steps in business.

03:35 From Web Design to Janitorial Services
06:27 Starting a Cleaning Business During a Pandemic
19:37 The Offshore Talent Opportunity
27:19 The Impact of Twitter on Business
29:50 The Allure and Pitfalls of Influencer Life
32:24 Navigating Social Media and Viral Tweets
36:10 Identifying Legitimate Business Advice
44:18 Harrison Butker and the Importance of Ownership

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Andrew Flattery, CFP®

Andy Flattery is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ and Owner of Simple Wealth Planning. He serves young and affluent families that are working to lower their time preference and achieve financial sovereignty. Flattery is the host of The Reformed Financial Advisor Podcast, where he relates stories in Kansas City history to pivotal themes in personal finance. When he’s not helping individuals build wealth, you can catch him playing rec sports, reading Austrian economists, and spending time with his wife and three children.