KC Stories: Harold Luhnow, Austrian Economics, & Bitcoin

Part II of the William Volker story is about Volker’s nephew and protege, Harold Luhnow. In this episode, I tell the story of how Luhnow shifted the focus of the Volker Fund from Kansas City charities to sponsoring individual Austrian economists directly. These economists included Ludwig Von Mises, F.A. Hayek, and Murray Rothbard.

Thanks to bitcoin the legacy of these great economists is very much alive today.

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“The example I like to think of is the great Austrian economist, Ludwig Von Mises, and how he fled Europe right in front of the Nazis. He arrived in America with almost no money and he had to restart his life with none of his savings. He was a great professor and academic in Europe, and was treated very poorly in America… And that is a great tragedy. He wasn’t able to take all of his savings when he escaped.” – Vijay Boyapati

Harold Luhnow


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