Building Generational Wealth: A Catholic Perspective w/ Dorian Antešić

In this episode of The Reformed Financial Advisor podcast,  I explore the topic of family wealth from a Catholic perspective. My guest is Dorian Antešić, a finance professional and Croatia's Catholic bitcoiner. We discuss his graduate school thesis on family wealth, Bitcoin, how Tucker Carlson said inheritance is a huge problem, a Benedictine monastery in Croatia, family dynasties, and the noblesse oblige.  All in all an interesting conversation that combines legacy, finance, and the pursuit of generational prosperity.

Dorian Antešić is a finance professional striving to build Family Wealth by serving God's little children. He hails from Croatia and is a devoted Catholic.


[00:03:43] Militant atheism to Catholicism

[00:09:19] Tucker Carlson's inheritance take

[00:13:03] Good elites

[00:17:31] Generational wealth in the bible

[00:22:27] Longstanding monasteries

[00:28:00] The value of contemplation.

[00:34:40] Family dynasties and primogeniture

[00:41:27] Selling Croatian properties to foreigners

[00:46:58] Bitcoin's generational wealth aspiration

[00:55:36] Is digital nomad life legit?

[01:00:04] Good King Wenceslas

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Andrew Flattery, CFP®

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