Books that Turned Me From Financial Advisor Skeptic to Bitcoin Advocate

I was a bitcoin agnostic who gradually, then suddenly, turned into a bitcoin believer. Here are the books that I read on my way to bitcoin maximalism.

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6 Books that Turned Me Into a Bitcoin Advocate

The Church and the Market - A Catholic Defense of the Free Economy - Thomas E Woods Jr.

..the monetary system is best which observes the most basic moral rules: do not steal and do not commit fraud. This was the message of the great Catholic thinkers of the late medieval and early modern period, and it is a message that deserves to be heeded by modern-day counterparts. - Thomas Woods

You Can Be a Stock Market Genius - Joel Greenblatt

From a practical standpoint, when Bob chooses his favorite stocks and is on pick number twenty, thirty, or eighty, he is pursuing a strategy imposed on him by the dollar size of his portfolio, legal issues, and fiduciary considerations, not because he feels his last picks are as good as his first or because he needs to own all those stocks for optimum portfolio diversification.In short, poor Bob has to come up with scores of great stock ideas, choose from a limited universe of the most widely followed stocks, buy and sell large amounts of individual stocks without affecting their share prices, and perform in a fish bowl where his returns are judged quarterly and even monthly.
Luckily, you don't. - Joel Greenblatt

The Driver - Garet Garrett

Economists write about it as the struggle for sound money (gold), against unsound money (silver), and that leaves it where it was. Money is not a thing either true or untrue. It is merely a token of other things which are useful or enjoyable. - Garet Garrett

The Bitcoin Standard - Saifedean Ammous

It is no wonder that eight years after its invention, blockchain technology has not yet managed to break through in a successful, ready-for-market commercial application other than the one for which it was specifically designed: Bitcoin - Saifedean Ammous

The Ethics of Money Production - Guido Hulsmann

Such conditions impose a heavy penalty on cash savings. In the old days, saving was typically done in the form of hoarding gold and silver coins. It is true that such hoards did not provide any revenue—the metal was "barren"—and that they therefore did not lend themselves to the lifestyle of rentiers. But in all other respects money hoards were a reliable and effective form of saving. Their purchasing power did not just evaporate in a few decades, and in times of economic growth they even gained some purchasing power. - Guido Hulsmann

Bitcoin is Venice - Allen Farrington & Sacha Meyers

What do we stand to gain? As these parasitic, rent seeking intermediaries whittle away, should institutions want to save, be they pension funds, charities, endowments, corporate treasurers, insurance floats (or what is left after securitized DLCs are done with them), they need not engage in leveraged speculation. They need never engage in the scourge of “passive investment,” nor accidentally pool the leverage of governance that is legally and fiduciarily due to their beneficiaries into a glaring political attack vector for degenerate fiat activists to infiltrate and co-opt. They need only stack sats — something they can do with no bankers, brokers, or asset managers, and that will be commonplace among teenagers, if not even younger children. - Allen Farrington & Sacha Meyers

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